Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thanks to all of you.

I think it’s about time to thank all of my wonderful family for their love and good wishes. It’s been several months and hard work, but I’m healing and making great progress. I am able to live alone again and take care of myself. As of last week I have permission to drive. Vic, Marty and Josef are back to having Friday night dinner here at my home. This accident has proved what I already knew. My children and grandchildren are the best. When I got home Scott came to Minneapolis and took care of me for a week. Then Leslie came for ten days. Marty, Vic and Josef have been there every step of the way taking care of my every need. Their love and support is what made my recuperation so much easier. My nieces and nephews and their families are always close no matter how far away they live, with phone calls, emails, etc.. Those of you who live in Minneapolis have been such a big help in so many ways. I am blessed. Thanks again for everything.

I love you all.


P. S. If you get a chance, listen to Josh Groban sing “ Raise Me Up”. It’s the way I feel about all of you.

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